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Siargao Island is popular for being the best goal for surfing in the Philippines, however there's substantially more to the island than that! Albeit many go to the island to ride the extraordinary rushes of the Cloud 9 reef break, there's bounty for non-surfers to do as well. The nature in Siargao is especially noteworthy – from the unmistakable waters of Sugba Lagoon to the wonderful shorelines on island bouncing visits. When settling on a Philippines schedule it tends to be difficult to pick which islands to visit, however you should ensure Siargao is one of them. Discover all that you have to know for your excursion with this Siargao travel direct.

Step by step instructions to get to Siargao Island 

Getting around the various islands of the Philippines isn't in every case simple. Fortunately, Siargao has an air terminal which implies flying is a feasible and reasonable alternative. On the other hand, you can take the ship from Surigao city however we'd suggest flying except if Surigao city is now on your course.

Flights – Direct flights are accessible from Cebu city, Clark and Manila to Siargao. We suggest booking as far ahead of time as conceivable as flights can be very costly. To set aside extra cash we prescribe utilizing Momondo as they locate the least expensive cost for your favored travel dates.

Vans are accessible to take you from Siargao air terminal to General Luna or Cloud 9 for 300 pesos for each individual.

Ship – If you are wanting to be in Surigao city, at that point your best alternative is to get the ship to Dapa port in Siargao. There are day by day flights with the first being around 6am and the last being around 12pm. The adventure time is somewhere in the range of 2 and 4 hours relying upon the administration and tickets cost roughly 200-300 pesos.

From Dapa port you ought to almost certainly take a tricycle or habal-habal to your settlement.

Getting around Siargao Island 

By a long shot the least expensive approach to get around Siargao is to lease a bike – which should cost around 300 pesos for each day. This enables you to drive around the island without paying for transport each time, which rapidly includes. Be cautious doing this however as though you don't hold a fitting permit and get into a mishap you won't be secured by your movement protection approach. Another plausibility is that the nearby police will fine you in the event that you are found riding without a permit.

A more secure choice in the event that you don't hold a permit to ride a bicycle/bike is to lease a vehicle. In spite of the fact that, this will cost around 2,500 pesos daily it's as yet a sensible cost and it won't nullify your movement protection as long as you have a legitimate driving permit.

On the off chance that you would prefer not to drive yourself, at that point you can take either a tricycle or a habal-habal. A habal-habal is a type of motorbike taxi and is commonly somewhat less expensive than going a similar separation on a tricycle. As usual, consult with the driver so as to get a reasonable cost for yourself. In case you're uncertain ask somebody at your settlement the amount you ought to hope to pay for an adventure.

Best time to visit Siargao Island 

The dry season in Siargao is among March and October, so this is the best time to visit as far as climate. On the off chance that surfing is one of your primary explanations behind visiting, at that point the best time to surf in Siargao is among July and December with September and October being especially great months. Surf rivalries keep running during this season so the island is at its busiest – so book your settlement ahead of time in the event that you can!

As Siargao is expanding in fame it is turning into a to some degree occupied goal throughout the entire year. When we visited in March 2018 we found our convenience choices very constrained notwithstanding reserving a reasonable while ahead of time.

Activities in Siargao Island 

Island Hopping – Some of the best shorelines in the Philippines can be visited on island bouncing outings from Siargao. Island jumping is impeccable in the event that you need to go through your day unwinding on delightful shorelines. The majority of the visits visit similar spots – Guyam Island, Naked Island and Daku Island.

Guyam is a little heaven like island canvassed in palm trees and encompassed by delightfully clear water. Exposed Island is a little sand bank giving a small scale shoreline just reachable by pontoon. Daku Island is a lot greater and gives a bigger shoreline territory to appreciate.

The cost of an island bouncing visit in Siargao is somewhere in the range of 650 and 1000 pesos for each individual relying upon the administrator – albeit all visits pursue a similar schedule. Visits can be organized at various eateries, inns and resorts in Siargao.

On the off chance that you'd like to beat the groups and have the islands to yourself, we prescribe paying for a private watercraft. This costs only 1,500 pesos and you can set off as ahead of schedule as you need. We began our trek from Siargao at around 6.30am and had both Guyam Island and Naked Island totally to ourselves. Except if you are voyaging solo, it winds up being a comparable cost to lease a private watercraft so we completely prescribe it!

To discover a boatman in Siargao for a private outing either ask in your settlement or at an eatery. We had the capacity to discover one close to Bravo Restaurant as they had a sign up promoting a vessel for contract.

Sugba Lagoon – One of the most well known places of interest in Siargao is Sugba Lagoon. It's hard not to appreciate the tidal pond's wonderful turquoise waters that will lure you in for a dip. The watercraft ride to the tidal pond is additionally very wonderful as you pass mangroves and stilt houses based on the water.

The most effortless approach to get to Sugba Lagoon is by booking a visit. Most visits we saw were around 2,000 pesos for every individual, except we found a lot with Siargao Island Getaway, which included both Sugba Lagoon and Magpupungko Rock Pool for 1,250 pesos. They offer visits significantly less expensive than contenders, which is immaculate in case you're attempting to complete a Siargao stumble on a financial plan!

On the off chance that you'd lean toward, it's conceivable to visit Sugba Lagoon freely. To do this, we suggest perusing this article on visiting Sugba Lagoon without a visit.

When you're at the tidal pond itself there is a little eatery that will give you a chance to utilize their tables for 50 pesos. Sustenance is very costly so we suggest bringing your very own if conceivable. There's a jumping board, which is allowed to utilize, and kayaks and paddleboards are accessible to lease as well.

We'd likewise prompt against an excursion to Sugba Lagoon in terrible climate. When we visited it was especially stormy and as you'll be investing a ton of energy outside it can unquestionably hose the inclination!

Sugba Lagoon is shut from January tenth 2019 to February tenth 2019 for Annual Environmental Recovery and Rehabilitation. 

Surf – Siargao is a standout amongst the best places to surf in the Philippines, to a great extent on account of the acclaimed Cloud 9 surf break. The surf is good to the point that the reef break at Cloud 9 is positioned as one of the best 10 waves to surf on the planet! Despite the fact that Siargao has enormously expanded in fame as of late among voyagers, surfers were on the ball and have been visiting for a considerable length of time to exploit the incredible waves!

On the off chance that surfing isn't your thing however despite everything you're quick to watch, head to the Cloud 9 promenade and tower. It costs only 50 pesos to utilize and you get extraordinary perspectives on surfers riding the waves. Obviously, it's a bustling spot for nightfall!

Nightfall – If you're pondering what to do in Siargao as the day finds some conclusion, head to General Luna wharf. Walk the whole distance as far as possible of the wharf and you can appreciate the nightfall free of the groups found at Cloud 9.

Sohoton and Bucas Grande – Take multi day excursion to Sohoton and Bucas Grande for probably the most marvelous nature you can see while remaining in Siargao. Your trek will incorporate a visit to the Sohoton Lagoon jellyfish asylum – where stingless jellyfish are found in the wonderfully clear water. Beforehand it was conceivable to swim with the jellyfish however this is never again conceivable so as to ensure them. The excursion will likewise offer you the chance to investigate more tidal ponds, caverns and islands.

Magpupungko Rock Pools – The Magpupungko shake pools are one of the more one of a kind focal points in Siargao. A progression of normally shaped pools at Magpupungko shoreline, they are a wonderful work of nature. The shallow pools are ideal for swimming, in spite of the fact that are similarly pleasant from the water's edge.

The best time to go to the Magpupungko shake pools is low tide as this is the main time they are unmistakable and you can swim. As the tide gets higher the pools progress toward becoming submerged importance there is just a little measure of time in the day that you can get to the pools.

The extra charge to the Magpupungko shake pools is 50 pesos, and there's additionally a stopping expense of 20 pesos for a bike/bicycle and 30 pesos for a tricycle. The stone pools are just extremely open in low tide, which shockingly makes it difficult to maintain a strategic distance from groups amid your visit as everybody touches base at a comparative time.

Where to remain in Siargao Island 

Discovering convenience in Siargao can be hard as the choices are very restricted and will in general book up very far ahead of time. There as of now don't appear to be sufficient inns and resorts on Siargao Island to adapt to the quantity of guests. We arranged our outing around 2 months ahead of time and found our alternatives incredibly restricted so we'd prescribe booking as far ahead of time as could be allowed.

As far as the best region to remain in Siargao, we'd prescribe either General Luna or Cloud 9. In case you're arranging your trek, we suggest booking some place on Agoda at the earliest opportunity – they frequently have extraordinary arrangements yet in the event that you abandon it past the point of no return your choices will be restricted.

Where to eat in Siargao Island 

Bravo – Bravo eatery presents probably the most delectable sustenance in Siargao. There's bounty on offer from mixed drinks to little chomps to full suppers. Our specific most loved here was the Peri-Peri chicken which we prescribe washing down with some Sangria!

Kermit – Kermit is one of the go to eateries for some guests to Siargao. The pizzas are especially great, but at the same time there's a determination of Filip

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